African Elements Marketplace is a Corporation based in Denver Colorado, USA.

Founded by TinkR and Matthew in 2015 with the goal to provide a FREE online marketplace for crafters, artists, musicians, fashion designers, textile production, writers, book production, farmers and collectors to sell their handmade African creations to buyers world wide.

The mission of African Elements Marketplace is to facilitate small business growth in Africa and to assist in the development of the community.
African Elements Marketplace is a vibrant community of buyers and creative businesses.  It provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their brand.

In addition we provide a safe and secure online platform for consumers to buy directly from African designers, creators, producers and artists.

Some of what African Elements Marketplace has to offer you

  • A wide global audience and direct access to USA and European buyers.
  • A completely cost free online shop which you can design as you like.
  • Quick and easy shop opening with comprehensive sales statistics.
  • Support and assistance in marketing your shop and label.
  • PayPal payment network.