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Selling with just a few clicks

Do you create handmade crafts or products as a hobby, or as a full time designer or professional? You can use this talent to earn money at African Elements Marketplace, and to make friends with like-minded individuals!

Here’s how it works:

Open a shop

To open your store just click on this link “Open a African Elements Shop” then Register and you can set up your own shop with just a few clicks.

To help you in the transitional set up process African Elements Marketplace will handle the PayPal payment process. You always have full access to your funds and can withdraw funds after items have been delivered to customer.

After you have sold 30 items you will be confirmed into the “Zebra Status” giving you the option to handle your PayPal payment process directly.

African Elements Marketplace

My Shop

Getting Started

Once you register you will be directed to your control panel just click on the “My Shop” link from the left hand menu in My Account page and here you can provide the information needed to get going and even upload a picture for your online shop. And then you’re ready!

Congratulations! Your shop is now open!

The web address to get to your shop will be:

African Elements Marketplace is not directly involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers.

We encourage you to communicate directly with sellers through our onsite messaging system, blog and media conversations.

It is important to market and manage your shop daily.  African Elements provides you with the tools needed to run and manage a successful business.

African Elements Marketplace


What will it cost?

Joining and setting up a shop on African Elements is free. It cost $0.20 to list an item (collected after you sell your item) on African Elements.  A listing lasts for 120 days or until the item is sold. Once you sell your product we collect a 3.5% administration fee on the sale price. African Elements Marketplace uses Paypal to handle our online payments system.  PayPal charges a estimate (3.9% + $0.39)** Fee per sale item. This is collected directly by Paypal at the point of sale.

**The fees is set by PayPal. Visit to find out more.  PayPal is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies and charges a fee to sellers to process the online payment of item.

More Money in Your Pocket

There are no membership fees with African Elements.
It cost’s $0.20 to list an item (collected after you sell your item) or up to 120 days.